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 In all the monuments you can take photo and video shooting. On most tourist sites, this service fee. Do not take pictures and shoot videos airports, train stations, subway and existing mosques, only with the permission of the faithful (usually there is no rejection).
 The only means of payment in the territory of Uzbekistan is the Uzbek currency - soum. Fluctuation is a month for about 5 points. We should also note that all payments are tied to the U.S. dollar rather than euro. Change in Uzbekistan, you can exchange American dollars, euros, British pounds and Japanese yen at banks or exchange offices. Cashed the money from credit cards (Visa Card, Master Card, traveler's checks) only in the central offices of banks, is charged with about 3% tax. For payment cards only in the hotel at least 4 ****. ATMs on the streets is not so much.
 In peak season there can be problems with the exchange of cash for scrip in Khiva, Bukhara and other regions. It is best to do it in advance in Tashkent, where a large number of exchange points. In an exchange of any fees will be charged, and if the end of the journey that you have a bag, you can also change to the euro or dollars. In all the monuments and tourist sites are boutiques selling all kinds of souvenirs, ceramics, folk artists of silver, semiprecious stones, embossing on copper and brass, carpets, silks, etc. There you can buy cards, postage stamps, postcards, batteries for cameras, film, etc.

Autonomy defence was incurred by the chief kokandskoj militias and former exiled Irgash who, however, owing to small number of its group was fast is superseded from city limits.

      By the end of February, 1918 the staff of "revolutionary armies" cabled to Tashkent about defeat of groups Irgasha, liquidations of the "counterrevolutionary" independent government and an "order" establishment in Kokand.

      In profit area additional military divisions for suppression of "counterrevolutionary activity", running in the Skobe-lion of members of "the independent government" and their supporters.

      Under decision SNK of the Turkestani edge, all heads of "the Kokandsky autonomy" are outlawed, and the property is confiscated. The separate decision creates "revolutionary-military court" for analysis of affairs of the persons accused of support of "the Kokandsky autonomy".

      By this time Kokand represented a terrible picture. As one of eyewitnesses, kokandets JUsuf Halil afan-di testified: "Mnogae buildings in a city have burnt down. Among them a building:"Shuroi-Islo-mija", the Time independent government, department of education, printing house, an ambulance station, optics. Some thousand court yard, and also mosques, medrese, banks, shops, commercial offices, market benches, dukany, schools etc. have turned to ashes"."Ulug Turkiston" those days wrote: "the One third part of an old city is reduced to ruins.



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