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"Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva - an ideal route for any tourist"
"Uzbekistan - the land, shrouded in the legends of the Silk Road, a country-charm, pearl complete mystery and majesty. Madrasah in Samarkand, Bukhara and glittering minarets of the city-museum Khiva - all the pride of Uzbekistan - the masterpieces of one of the most beautiful countries in Central Asia with a great and rich history "- so begins the article the journalist Luca Santarelli, published in the pages of the Italian edition of" The Chronicles of tourism. "
"The path from the Uzbek capital of Tashkent to Samarkand, and then to Bukhara and Khiva - it's just an ideal route for any tourist, - the journalist writes. - Samarkand - a crossroad of cultures, a sort of New York of the fifteenth century. Legends of this magnificent city have been described and immortalized in the works of many poets, writers and travelers.
Samarkand, more than any other city in Asia, represents the Great Silk Road, and more than any other city in the world inspires the hearts of the people of the ancient attraction of tedious travel.
Thank Samarkand is inextricably linked to Amir Temur (1336-1405 gg.), Which in 1369 chose it as the capital of his empire, and later, with his son Mirzo Ulugbek - the enlightened ruler and one of the greatest astronomers of all time. "
Italian journalist noted that "Ulugbek created a school for research in astronomy and mathematics, as well as a huge sextant in his remarkable observatory, which can be visited in Samarkand.



      After February the political life of Turkestan was not limited to struggle of two currents in national movement.

      The politized layers of Russian society of edge, naturally, could not stand aside of occurring events. They gradually concentrated round socialists-revolutionaries, the constitutional democrats, radical democrats, socialists-democrats and some other branches of the all-Russian parties. All these organisations made considerable efforts for search of a social support and hoped to get support and sympathy from population broad masses (including radical). However, at the heart of program positions of the all-Russian parties of Turkestan imperial, great-power ideas which could not be accepted local population laid.

      The given circumstance in many respects has defined also defeat of the all-Russian parties which they have suffered during elections in municipal dumas of Turkestan in the summer of 1917. In all large cities (except Skobelev) the convincing victory on elections was gained by representatives of the national political organisations.

      In the summer of 1917 on edge 1грокатилась a new wave of various Muslim forums. The decision on a party creation of Turkestani federalists ("Turk odes markazijat firkasi"), accepted by delegates of IV congress of the Muslim organisations of the Fergana area became significant event in a political life of Turkestan.




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