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9 - A major archaeological work and research systematically Kanka Chacha Ilak expedition team led by the head of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan Yuri Burjakov. Research has found that the city center Kanka very old and most of Tashkent oasis was the third The 12th century Century.

Is it from one aspect of the latest research in the field Kanka 2010th Zumba humchi, members lid, spoon, the bowl chirags, bowl and plate: In this study, archaeologists have discovered a number of potsherds.

The village has been studied and described in the scientific expedition, the scientific director Yury Burjakov. It was found that at the end of four centuries BC, the city was the site of the colony. The ruins of three rows of the walls where the area is around 160 have survived today. The general area of ​​the village is about 500 acres. It looks like high hills, which carried a cone-shaped hill 50 meters, an ancient citadel.

In addition to the fortress, three rings in the external walls. Excavations show that the walls of old SHahristana III.

The citadel defended the crescent of the ditch so deep that it is still full of ground and rain water, which led to the formation of impassable swamps. The only way to the top of the hill (the ruins of the citadel) begins with a narrow strip of land and steep slopes of the hill.