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Registan square, surrounded on three sides by three madrasahs - Ulugbek, Sher-Dor and Tilla Kari - is the most beautiful architectural complex. The symmetry of the facade and elegant proportions, along with the playful colors of enameled tiles, creating an amazing apotheosis of color. "
Speaking of grand Bukhara L.Santarelli writes that anyone who comes into this holy city meets the majestic complex of Chor-Bakr, whose two buildings - the Friday Mosque and Hanaka - provide a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the incredible legacy of their ancestors. Marco Polo wrote about Bukhara: "... a great and noble city. The local market is famous for the fact that it is possible to buy everything - beautiful jewelery, textiles and spices, amazing products, imported from distant China and India."
"Time is powerless before the awesome and unique world of Bukhara. Walk on it you can relax in the cool and shady alleys, haggling in the bazaars. On the areas of unparalleled beauty madrasa and shops built in traditional style. Eastern melodies sound from every window, the elderly play chess and dominoes. In a must-see Bukhara Kalon minaret, and Mir Arab madrassah, which for centuries was one of the leading schools in the study and interpretation of the Holy Quran "- emphasizes the journalist.
L.Santarelli admiringly speaks of Khiva, calling it a "city within a city":
 - The Old Town is a museum under the open sky. There has not penetrated a typical Soviet architecture, he remained in this city in Asia. The heart of Khiva - Ichan-Kala is where you can spend hours wandering through the winding streets, admiring the minarets, madrasas, palaces and mosques. And at sunset, being at the top of the minaret-Khodja madrassah Islom need, necessarily, to enjoy an evening Khiva - impressions will last for a lifetime.


      Feature of the given process was that along with new obshche-Russian parties (representatives of the European population of edge were which members mainly), the young national organisations with the modernised programs, clearer strategy and tactics arose also, supported and sympathy from broad masses turkes-tanskih Moslems. In the first days after February revolution the organisations were issued: "Marifat va Sheriyat","Itgifok islomija","Tizhorat ul-islom", "Sanoul-Islom", "Hadd-blew-islom" - in Andizhan; "Mirvazh-ul-Islom" - in Sa-markande; "Ravnak-ul-Islom,"Guliston"- in Kattakurgane;"Muajin-at-tolibin"-is Hodzhente;" Dzhamijat Islomija "- in Namangan etc.

      However, weight the most considerable of the national organisations operating those days, were: "Shuroi-Islomija" ("Islam Council" or "Islamic Council"), "Shuroi-Ulamo" ("Council of clergy"); "Turk odes markazijat firkasi" ("Party of Turkic federalists").

      One of the most popular and authoritative among the named organisations was "SHuroj Islomija", organizational issued on March, 9th at meeting (passing in "old" Tashkent), called by a society "Turon". For short term "Shuroi-Islomija" creates the branches in Kokand, Andizhan, Skobelev, Margilans, Samarkand and other cities of Turkestan and strengthens thereby the influence in region.

      Representatives of clergy, national intelligency, officials, merchant class and arising industrial bourgeoisie became members of this organisation.



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