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Day 1: Will you nuts to the airport of Tashkent and transfer of a city of Tashkent. After placing in hotel Strengthening you Will have a breakfast and rest. A supper and spending the night in hotel.
Day 2: After breakfast flight in a Tasty 7 o'clock in the morning to Urgench. Moving to Khiva. Settlement in hotel. Trip Across Khiva: an Architectural Ichang-Kala complex (12-19 centuries) - the list of the World Heritage of UNESCO - Enrolment of last khan Исмаил Ходжа including Mohammed Amin медресе Hana's mausoleum. Within a day dinner. A supper and spending the night in hotel in Khiva.
Day 3: After breakfast go a Tasty Khiva and Bukhara (6 hours). On a way a stop on the Amu Darya river for picnic. Arrival in Bukhara. Arrival in the hotel. A supper and spending the night in hotel in Bukhara.
Day 4: Today at you Will Be Across trip to visit Bukhara mausoleum Исмаила Samonid (Burial places of Dynasty Саманидов founder Ismail Samani, 10 centuries), and a mosque minaret Калон Give to drink Калон, медресе to Miri the Arab (16 centuries), Within a day dinner. A supper and spending the night in hotel in Bukhara.
Day 5: Today at you Will Be Across trip Bukhara: Fortress Арк (the house of governors of Bukhara), Museums Арк inside Fortress, the Chor-Minor, summer residence of governors of Bukhara. A dinner. Moving to Samarkand (3 hours). Arrival in Samarkand. Settlement in hotel. A supper and spending the night in hotel in Samarkand.
Day 6: Today at you Will Be Sights of Samarkand Which Will Include: Known the Registan area (with медресе Шердор 17th centuries, Тилля Measles and Улугбек 15 centuries), Шохи Зинда Necropolis (IMPORTANT the place of Pilgrimage in Samarkand), the grandiose rests Биби Ханум mosque, the Gur-Emir mausoleum (Where Conqueror Amir Timur (Тамерлана), its two sons and two grandsons are buried, 15 centuries), Улугбека Observatory. Within a day dinner. A supper and spending the night in hotel in Samarkand.
Day 7: After a breakfast of Tasty driving to Tashkent (4 hours). Arrival in Tashkent. Settlement in hotel. A dinner. Sights of Tashkent, including visits in Чорсу a market in an old part of a city of Tashkent, Kukuldash Хаст the mosques and Imam - The Official Religious Moslems in the center for Central Asia, the Barrack consists медресе from the Khan (16 percent), Тилля the Sheikh a mosque - the Koran the Ottoman Turk, considers, for the old Koran of the world Абу Бакра Каффаль Шоши mausoleum - the Islamic scientist from 13-14th century is stored in library of this mosque. A supper and spending the night in hotel in Tashkent.
Day 8: After a Tasty breakfast flight to Fergana. Arrival in Fergana, settlement in hotel. A trip to Kokand: visiting of a palace of the Governor of Kokand, 19th century, Narbutebay медресе and mosques "Джума". A dinner. A drive in Риштан on a way to visit a potter's workshop. A supper and spending the night in hotel in Fergana.
Day 9: Today you will go to Margelan. Visit Silk factory. A dinner. Sights of Fergana. Weeds back to Tashkent. A supper and spending the night in hotel in Tashkent.
Day 10: the Transfer in the airport to fly home.



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The development of agriculture, handicrafts and the growth of cities has led to a revival of both domestic and international trade. These written sources and in particular the results of archaeological excavations provide diverse representation on the development of productive forces and trade.
Historical sources emit two kinds of special products that invariably appeared in the commercial transactions carried out on the Great Silk Road. This is a wonderful silk, abr fabrics and fine horses. The population has long been engaged in Margilan silk dressing than their city and won worldwide fame. Skilled craftsmen - artisans were obtained from silkworm cocoons are thin bright threads and manufacture of these beautiful silk fabrics.
Margilan for centuries was known and famous for its crafts, especially the art of the weavers of cotton and silk (buz, alacha, bekasab), but also abr tissue shoi, satin, khan-atlas, adras. To the wonderful subjects of traditional cultures Margilan, come down to us are large silk embroidery, known as Suzanne, skull-caps - hats, gold and silver jewelry.


The mass deviation from the delivery of cotton. In addition, if the 1916 cotton prices have risen by 50%, then in bread - 400%. The gap between prices led to the impoverishment of farmers. Import grain from the Orenburg Province and the Northern Caucasus became more difficult, but by the end of 1916 almost stopped the famine. At the same time increasing taxes.
      The population was selling for a pittance of their pieces of land, many areas have gone under the hammer for non-payment of debt. Several times increase in prices for rice, meat, sugar, fats, shoes, textiles. The high cost and increased fees in connection with the needs of the army. The population began to take horses, carts, etc. requisition All of this sparked widespread unrest population of the province.
      The culmination of the national liberation movement on the eve of the February Revolution, of course, was the uprising of 1916 goals. The reason for it served as a royal decree of the Government of the June 25, 1916 "On the attraction of the male population in the rear inorodcheskogo work." On the basis of the male population aged 19 to 31 years in excess of 200 thousand people were mobilized to the rear of the frontline areas.



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