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Day 1: Will you nuts to the airport of Tashkent and transfer of a city of Tashkent. After placing in hotel Strengthening you Will have a breakfast and rest. A free time. Spending the night in hotel.
Day 2: Breakfast in essential a 7 Mornings in first half of day survey of sights of the city of Tashkent. Visiting of the center of Tashkent, Amir Temur's Square, the Independence Areas, the Old City part of Tashkent with the Hasta-imam of a complex and the Chor-sou a market, an Applied Art Museum. In Second half of day Moving to Samarkand will go also. Arrival in Samarkand. A supper and spending the night in hotel.
Day 3: breakfast in essential a 7 Mornings, Being guided by trip in Samarkand, the sightseeing trip include visiting Will Known area of the Registan, Shahs-zinda, Remains-Hanym Bibi, zinda-Shahs, the Gur-Emir mausoleum wall, Observatory Улугбека. Free time in the Second half of day. A supper and spending the night in hotel.
Day 4: After a breakfast a trip to Bukhara. ToBukhara Arrival, arrival in hotel. In Second half of day survey of sights of Bukhara. Visit, Калон ensemble, медресе Miri-Arab-Attori Magoki mosques, медресе Улугбека and Абдулазизхана, domest trading, a complex Ljabi House, медресе the Chor-Minor. A supper and spending the night in hotel.
Day 5: Breakfast in essential a trip Mornings 7 Continuation Across Bukhara. Visit the mausoleum of Dynasty Саманидов, Арк fortresses, Chashma-Ajub. An one-day trip to summer residence of Bukhara emirs Ситора-Mokhikhosa. The Free Within my day. A supper and spending the night in hotel.
Day 6: After a breakfast at us Will Be in the morning a transfer to Khiva. In a disc ceases to see the Rivers Amu Daryas. Arrival in Khiva. A free time. A supper and spending the night in hotel.
Day 7: After a breakfast w Should be guided Sights of Khiva, spend day in the list of the World Heritage of UNESCO Ichang-castle fortresses. To Ichang-castle fortresses of the visit Мухаммад Амин medresah Khan, Rahim-khan Мухаммад Medresah, Кальта Small. A free time in Second Half of day. In the evening a transfer in the airport in Urgench, a start to Tashkent. Arrival in Tashkent, a transfer in the hotel. A supper and spending the night in hotel.
Day 8: The Transfer in the airport to fly home.

      Began rampant repression. Results have been arrested more than three thousand people, of whom 347 were sentenced to death (executed 51 people), while others sent into exile, in company of convicts in prison.
      Among the most important reasons for the defeat of the uprising can be noted: the military and material superiority of the tsarist empire, the lack of centralized leadership of the rebels, targeted action and spontaneous performances.
      At the same time, the lessons of rebellion in 1916 served as a major school in the preparation of further struggle is against the Soviets. From the primitive methods of resistance against the colonial power and its military forces during the uprising of the peoples of Turkestan in 1916, the next phase of the national liberation movement, have moved to a more organized struggle, which has a clear plan of action, ideological inspirers and recognized leaders.
      Three. The February Revolution of 1917 and the peoples of Turkestan
      In the second half of February 1917, amid the ongoing war, the general devastation in the industrial centers of Russia intensified mass spontaneous strike movement. Public life is politicized by the day.
      All this created the conditions for the consolidation of various political groups, organizations and parties.