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In the market of Uzbekistan has three main mobile phone operator, which have international roaming in many countries around the world, "MTS", "B-line." The most widely covered by the network in Uzbekistan (up to 90% of the territory), the company.
 As for the food and cuisine in Uzbekistan, traditional cuisine abounds with a variety of dishes, mainly lamb and beef. Very popular Uzbek pilaf with meat and rice, while in each region it is quite different from each other. Popular dishes from the dough and meat - manta rays, Naryn. In Uzbekistan, the cream does not spread - soups (except for the hotel and large expensive restaurants), but the soups, which will offer you for lunch or dinner will be very tasty (shurpa, mampar, soup, chicken noodle, etc.). Very large selection of fruits and vegetables and, accordingly, a great selection of salads of all kinds of meat to the diet and vegetarian. Of course, Uzbek melon (season from June to November inclusive). There are, of course, one piece of advice: do not eat melons, grapes, watermelon, washed down with beer. It is better to drink hot green tea and useful. In the early days of stay for dinner you can drink a small amount of vodka, a very large range (from $ 2 to $ 15 per bottle). Large selection of mineral water, as with gas or without gas, plastic bottles of 250 gr. up to 2 liters. (0.5 $ 1.5 $). In the markets and bazaars offer you a huge selection of fruits and vegetables.
 In Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara restaurants with national and European cuisine specially designed for tourists. In Tashkent, popular restaurants such as "Caravan," "Dune," "Buyuk Sarbon", "Ziff", etc. with excellent quality and show the program in Samarkand "old bullock-cart," "Karimbek", "Aphrodite" in Bukhara " Labi Hauz, "" Chashma and Mirob "," Ishmael ", etc.
 Uzbekistan - travel the country, where tipping attendants, interpreters, drivers, local guides, as well as in restaurants and hotel personnel. Tipping taxi drivers is not customary.
 Special medical vaccinations to visit the country is not required!

The congress which was passing from July, 12 till July, 14th in Skobelev, has accepted the charter and the party program. In the program of Turkestani federalists it was noticed, that the main political end pargii is achievement of a national autonomy for Turkestan.
      Thus, February revolution has accelerated process of delimitation of various political forces and has created conditions for functioning in Russia (including in Turkestan) a multi-party system.
      Occurrence in the course of evolution of national political thought and emancipating struggle of the new young national political organisations represented the obvious certificate of growth of political activity of indigenous population of region.
      After February revolution of 1917 Time pravitelst-1 in continued to perceive Turkestan as a source of raw materials and Russian colony. In the end of April at Turkestani committee of Provisional government the meeting of granting to Turkestan autonomies has taken place. It recognised as impossible introduction in Turkestan a full political autonomy. The given question was the focus of attention and on passing in Tashkent from April, 7 till April, 15th 1st regional congress of Councils of working and soldier's deputies where many delegates-Bolsheviks opposed grantings to Turkestan of the rights of an autonomy under the pretext of that ostensibly local Moslems "still is not enough for this purpose a cultural urn".