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Day 1: Will you nuts to the airport of Tashkent and transfer of a city of Tashkent. After placing in hotel Strengthening you Will have a breakfast and rest. A supper and spending the night in hotel.
Day 2: After a Tasty breakfast flight to Nukus. Arrival in Nukus, a transfer in the hotel. Sights Nukus. Visit an art museum from Russian and Uzbek art, the State Museum. A free time. A supper and spending the night in B and B.
Day 3: After a breakfast Tasty Nukus and aspiration to the Former fishing village once Mojnaksky Which it is Located on the bank of the Aral sea go. In Second half of day of driving from Mojnaksky in Khiva. Arrival in Khiva. A supper and spending the night in hotel.
Day 4: Today to pass to trip the program in Khiva: Visiting of objects of the World Heritage of UNESCO Ichang-castle fortresses. Visit the Khan medresah Мухаммад Амин, Мухаммад Rakhimkhan medresah, the Ark Куня Free time in the Second half of day. A supper and spending the night in hotel.
Day 5: After breakfast go a Tasty Khiva and Bukhara. On the road stop to see Amu-Dare. Arrival in Bukhara in day. Arrival in the hotel. A free time. A supper and spending the night in hotel.
Day 6: Today you Will have an trip in Bukhara. Visit Исмаила Самани mausoleum, Арк fortresses, Chashma-Ajub, Калон a mosque and a minaret, медресе Miri-Arab-Attori Magoki mosques, медресе Улугбека and Абдулазизхана, domest trading, a complex Ljabi House, медресе the Chor-Minor. A supper and spending the night in hotel.
Day 7: After breakfast a Tasty Trip Across Continuation Bukhara. A trip to summer residence of Bukhara emirs Ситора-Mokhikhosa, Chor-Bakr and Bakhoutdin Накшбанди the mausoleum. Second day in a half of free time in Bukhara.
Day 8: After breakfast go a Tasty Moving to Bukhara and Samarkand through Шахрисабз. A stop in Шахрисабзе for survey of sights. Ruins Visit the Ak-shed, and the mausoleum Джахангира Lobster-Sheikh. In Second half of day to Continue Movement to Samarkand. Arrival in Samarkand, placing in hotel. A free time.
Day 9: Today you Will have an trip in Samarkand. The area Registan, Bibi-Hanym Ruins, Shahs-zinda, the Gur-Emir mausoleum wall, Улугбека Observatory. Night in hotel is Organized.
Day 10: Today you Will Continue at Samarkand trip. A trip to a complex of Imam Al-Bukhari, a Pilgrimage Муслим place. This place is the modern mosque Famous Constructed After finding by Uzbekistan of Independence, the mausoleum of Imam Al-Bukhari. Free time in the Second half of day. A supper and spending the night in hotel.
Day 11: After breakfast go a Tasty Moving to Samarkand and Tashkent. Arrival in Tashkent, placing in hotel. The trip program in Tashkent. Visiting of the center of Tashkent, Amir Temur's Square, the Independence area. A supper and spending the night in hotel.
Day 12: the Transfer in the airport to fly home.

Especially popular among progressives used Turkestan I. Gasprinsky publication, which later became known as the founder of the "Russian Jadidism." Unreleased in Bakhchisarai I. Gasprinsky newspaper "Tarzhimon" from 1833 became a platform of ideas and promotion of education is widely recognized in Turkestan, as well as in Bukhara and Khiva.
      At the beginning of the XX century Jadids continuously discharged, despite the censorship, and various newspapers and magazines from both the eastern regions of the Russian Empire ("Tarzhimon" from Bakhchisarai, "Waqt" and "Yulduz" from Kazan, "Mulla Nasruddin" from Tbilisi), and from neighboring countries ("Orphans Mustaqim" from Turkey, "Sirodzh-ul-Akhbar 'from Afghanistan, etc.). The massive influx of "awakening" of Asia Jadid progressive literature inspired by the publication and development of local periodicals. They begin to leave dozens of magazines and newspapers in all major cities in the region ("Taraki", "Shukhrat", "Hurschvd", "sado-Turkistan" in Tashkent, "Samarkand", "Oyina" in Samarkand, "Turon", "Buhoroi- Sharif "in Bukhara," sado-Fargona "in Kokand, etc.). Among the editors, and active members of these publications were the most prominent members of the public Turkestan: M.Behbudi, M.Kori, U.Hodzhaev, T.Nor-butabekov, A.Avloni, K.Norbekov. Sh.Rahimi, M.Poshshahodzhaev etc.