Trekking of Kyrgyzstan

Day 1: your guide will meet you at the Manas International Airport and accompany you to the city of Bishkek, where you will have breakfast at the hotel and rest. Around the city. In the evening, dinner will be delivered. This night you spend in the hotel.
Day 2: 7:00 a core in the morning a boat in the Kyzyl-Suu valley (110 km). In a historic visit - architectural difficult "Burana Tower". Then, in a valley trekking round. This night you spend in tents.
Day 3: After breakfast trekking to make a trip to the valley-Dzharsu Kok Kok in flask (2110M). In a way we have to cross some small streams to ford. Join camp Настраивание Dzharsu Kamorchek Kok and height of 1754 m.
Day 4: This day will be devoted to research and trekking in the beautiful canyons: Canyon "Big" canyon canyon a "bean" skyscraper "." Scenic beauty of the canyons Kamorchek in his splendid voice rocks in the east part of Kyrgyz side also, filling vast territory. Long cracks, canyons show charming stories last geological epoch.
Trekking in the camp.
Day 5: After breakfast trekking to make a trip along the river south of Karakol gorge. A trekking wet (humid) gradually gets valley height. A dinner. A trekking along a good trail to East Lake Irdyk. Lake camp in the Alpine area. This night you spend in tents.
Day 6: Essential breakfast at 7:00 and a short round trekking west to Lake Irdyk. A dinner on the shore. A free time to investigate the surrounding area. In the evening, dinner will be delivered. This night you spend in tents.
Day 7: After breakfast trekking to make a trip to the valley below Irdyk. A dinner. Meet the car. Movement Caracole impressive mountain road. Upon arrival at the hotel are small registered. A farewell dinner with a command trekking. This night you spend in the small hotel.
Day 8: Essential breakfast at 7:00 on a trekking Pervomajskij pass (4200 m) with representation devocalization panoramic rocks and grasping spirit and the highest peaks of a mountain ridge in a valley high Ashu Rocky Kyrgyz. A dinner in the Valley. A trekking down the high Rocky Valley Rocky Ashu ball turquoise lakes Ashu. Lakes to get this water from the mountain river which is hidden beneath a moraine and change color depending on the weather from blue to dark green and turquoise. In the evening, dinner will be delivered in connection with the lakes. This night you spend in tents.
Day 9: After breakfast trekking to make a trip down the valley high in the Rocky Valley Ashu Alamedin. A dinner in the camp of "plug". Go Round Valley Round down Djindy Suu camping. In the evening, dinner will be shown round the fire.
Day 10: Morning round of trekking down a valley of the river Alamedin Alamedin rushing along in a way, we see small falls. A dinner in the area. A tourist complex Alamedin trekking. Meet with a vehicle and go to Bishkek. Agreement on the board or small hotel. In the evening, dinner will be delivered in brown with a command of trekking.
Day 11: After a round, trekking in the morning, a fastening Sagysh Khan (2925 m), revised upward revision from the mouth. Water fills the cracks during frequent thunder-storms in summer, trends surrounding hills have turned into a maze of sharp mountain ridges, low mountains, pro aligned, pyramids, and columns. If you observe from afar, recalls the landscape of the area distribution wider ruins of ancient cities closer. A trekking camp.
Day 12: Morning of a round in a valley trekking in Sulu last-Терек Boom (2320 m). There will be a car. Pass in Bishkek. This night you spend in the hotel.
Day 13: Morning trekking to Крылу-Arch. Walking Round. Return to Bishkek.
Day 14: By the time of your initial Details your guide will meet you at the hotel and will visit you at the airport.

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 By the end of XIX century in the city of Oshe there were 154 mosques and about ten medrese. Architectural monuments have remained some. Among them mausoleum Asaf ibn Burhija (XVII-XVIII centuries), a mosque Rovat Abdulla-khan (XVI-XVII vv), mosque Muhammada Jusupa-Bajhodzhi-Ogly, mosque Alymbek-datki (XIX century), medrese Muhamedboj Turki Hal Muratbaev, medrese Hazret Damulla Mohammed Sydyk Ahund Aglam (all XII-XVII centuries), orthodox Mihajlo-Arkhangelsk church (beginning HH), site of ancient settlement Ak-Buura, Historical and museums Of regional studies, the Museum of local crafts, a memorial complex "Eternal fire" (1976) with a memorial "Grieving mother" (1990), the Kirghiz dramatic theatre, art gallery "Салтанат", A.Orozbekovu's monuments, to sultan Ibraimovu, Kurmanzhan-Datke, Toktogulu Satylganovu, Nijazaly and Moldonijazu, and, of course, a picturesque and eternally rustling market on the bank of the river Ak-Buura.