Turkmenistan tours

Quite reserved and less visited destination of Central Asia is waiting for you to be explored. It is one of the post-Soviet countries located mainly in the desert of Kara Kum by the shore of the beautiful Caspian Sea. It has borders with Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Afghanistan. It is divided into 6 administrative units. The capital city is Ashgabat. Turkmenistan is the fourth country in the world by natural gas reserves. The largest of them is the reserve Galkynysh. According to the Constitution, Turkmenistan is a secular state. The form of government is a presidential republic. The territory of Turkmenistan served homes for such ancient civilizations as Margiana Empire, Persian kingdoms of Achaemenid, and of Alexander the Great. The te land was conquered by the tribes of ephthalates, protoTurkic tribes and Arabs. In the 11th century The Oghuz tribes came from Mongolia and mixed with local population and thus formed Turkmen ethnicity. Turkmen people have a very interesting culture and traditions that they kepp from generation to generation. Tourism is developing fast in the last few years. Especially intensive – curative tours are quite popular. First of all, this is due to the creation of the Avaza tourist zone on the coast of the Caspian Sea. If you travel to Turkmenistan, your sighsteeing tours must include the following historical sights of Tashauz, Kunya-Urgench, Ashgabat, Nisa, Merv, Mary, beach tours to Avaza and medical tours and rest in Mollakar, Yily Suva, and Archman.

Short Turkmenistan tour
» Short Turkmenistan tour

Shortly about the tour: Turkmenistan is a country full of Oriental charm and mystery. The country has interesting tourist places of the white marble Turkmen capital, medieval monuments, you can see the ruins of Nisa, as well as admire the history and culture of the country. You will have an incredibly exciting adventure with us! more...
Ancient trail of Turkmenistan tour
» Ancient trail of Turkmenistan tour

Shortly about the tour: You will be able to admire the closed country of Turkmenistan and see the amazing scenery of the country. The country is full of secrets and riddles. The country has ancient and revered customs and traditions. In the tour you will visit: Ashgabat, Darwaza, Kunya Urgench. more...
Fabulous Darwaza tour
» Fabulous Darwaza tour

Shortly about the tour: Turkmenistan is a mysterious country with incredibly beautiful sights. The country is located in Central Asia and is full of cultural heritage and interesting history. During the tour you will be able to visit the magnificent places of Turkmenistan such as: Ashgabat capital of Turkmenistan, Darwaza spectacular gas crater and many historical sites. more...
Making Memories
» Making Memories

Shortly about the tour: Turkmenistan has a long history as other Central Asian countries. The capital of the Turkmenistan is Ashgabat. This is a place where you will start the tour from. Ashgabat is popular with attractions and historical places. During this 4-days tour you will visit the capital city of Ashgabat, Old Nisa and other interesting places where you will take an unforgettable memory for your lifetime. more...
Tour of Wonders
» Tour of Wonders

Shortly about the tour: Turkmenistan is a fascinating country like no other. In these 8 days, we will take you to the country’s most interesting historical, natural and architectural highlights. You will visit the marble city of Ashgabat, Turkmenbashi, Yaginkala, Darwaza, Kunya Urgench, Dashoguz and other highlights of the country. Turkmenistan is a country full of amazing contrasts and on this tour, you will see for yourself. more...
Dream Travel
» Dream Travel

Shortly about the tour: Turkmenistan is a country of magnificent nature, developed culture, millennial history and interesting architecture. Travelling in Turkmenistan will amaze you with places as Ashgabat, Darwaza, Kow-Ata, Turkmenbashi, Yaginkala, Avaza    and many other places, which you are going to explore and enjoy. It will be your best and unforgettable tour of Central Asia. more...
Wind of Life
» Wind of Life

Shortly about the tour: Turkmenistan is a lovely place of Central Asia. It has everything: magnificent nature, developed culture, millennial history and interesting architecture. It is possible to fell in love with its charming places from the first visit.  During this tour we will visit such places as Ashgabat, Dashoguz, Darwaza, Old Nisa, Mary, Turkmenbashi and others. more...
Lost in Turkmenistan
» Lost in Turkmenistan

Shortly about the tour: This tour to Turkmenistan will take you to all the country’s highlights. You will experience the local colour of Ashgabat, Kow-Ata underground lake, Nohkur, Mary, Repetek biospheric reserve, Turkmenabat, Kaynar Baba lake, Koytendag mountain gorge, Darvaza Gas Crater and others. Wherever you go, your Turkmenistan tour will be an epic trip through a remarkable country which will make you feel happy. more...
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