Central Asia Tours

Central Asia is one of the most undiscovered and mysterious destination around the globe. It comprises five beautiful and different countries with their own culture and history. They are Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. We offer you to explore them soon and enjoy wonderful vacations. For more information click below for tours in:

» Kyrgyzstan tours
Kyrgyzstan toursKyrgyzstan is one of the fascinating destinations to explore with pristine nature and unique culture of nomads. During our tours you will be able to learn about the traditions of nomad people that are passed from generation to generation. You will explore high mountains of Tien Shan and wonderful sites of the Silk Road such as the remains of cities Balasagyn, Navekat, Tash Rabat and many others. Kyrgyzstan has played an important role in the exchange of cultures, religions and mix of nations during the Silk Road times. We offer you to explore all its beauty with the help of our team’s professional work.
» Kazakhstan tours
Kazakhstan toursOur company can organize you unforgettable tours in Kazakhstan with the best services including all your personal desires. You will have memorable vacations during your tours in Kazakhstan, one of the largest countries of the world with mineral resources and gas. The people of Kazakhstan were nomads since the ancient times and settled down with the establishment of Tsarist Russia and further Soviet Union. You will discover Soviet style cities as well as the remains of ancient civilizations. Enjoy the perfect combination of the ancient and modern mode of life with our tours in Kazakhstan.
» Tajikistan tours
Tajikistan toursOur company can organize exclusive tours in Tajikistan including its beautiful Pamir Highway and Fann mountains. You can start your journey in Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan, where you will find beautiful squares, national museums, parks and historical monuments. You can visit Iskanderkul lake of spectacular colors and amazing views, as well as charming villages along the Wakhan Corridor. Tajikistan is great to combine with Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan which are located nearby. Check out the list of the most popular tours in Tajikistan below.
» Turkmenistan tours
Turkmenistan toursTurkmenistan is a country of contrasts: on one hand you will see modern cities and resort town with beautiful buildings; on the other hand you can explore the ancient civilizations in the remaining architecture on the territory of Turkmenistan. The history of ancient Asia and Persia can be found during your tours. Nature attractions of extraordinary beauty are waiting for you to be discovered such as the Karakum desert, burnig Darwaza gas crater, underground lake of Kowata, shore of the Caspian Sea and lots of others. Join our tours and enjoy your time.
» Uzbekistan tours
Uzbekistan toursWe invite to explore Uzbekistan with the one of the most professional companies like us. We organize different kinds of cultural, historical and adventure tours in Uzbekistan. It is a destination of amazing architecture of ancient and medieval ages, as well as the mix of different cultures and nations. You will learn about local crafts and amazing cultural shows such as master classes of pilaf, fashion shows, folklore concerts and many others. Ancient cities such as Samarkand, Tashkent and Bukhara will fascinate you with their glorious buildings of delicate architecture. You will have great memories and wonderful imrpressions.
» Silk Road Tours
Silk Road ToursSilk Road is known all over the world as one of the most ancient trade roads which linked China with the Mediterranean world. On this road you could find nearly everything, as hundreds of caravans loaded with precious goods crossed the severe mountains, dry deserts from all the way from China to Rome thus contributing to the cultural exchange and development civilizations. Our travel agency can organize wonderful Silk Road tours in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Each of the countries has its own highlights connected with Silk Road treasures that were kept through centuries. They keep attracting travelers from all over the world nowadays. On top of all when you travel along the ancient monuments, you will be able to learn the culture of nomads in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, catch breathtaking views of Pamir Mountains, stroll in the streets of medieval cities of Uzbekistan and have a magic night by the Door to Hell under the gaze of millions starts in Karakum desert. Our company will make sure that you will have a great experience visiting treasures of Central Asia and remarkable memories during our tours.