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In addition to writing in the XI century. Gardizi, interesting information, according to an anonymous work, as in the Persian language, "The boundaries of the world" (Ḥududal-'ālam), written in 372 AH, ie, in 982 or 983 AD This work is extant in only one manuscript, found in Bukhara in 1892 to the late AG Tumanskiy, so that labor itself is mentioned in Russian literature is usually called "the manuscript Tumanskiy." According to this source, the Kyrgyz were not only the northern, and western neighbors tuguzguzov. The same author speaks of the city Penchule (the pronunciation is not completely established, and in Chinese transcription Vynsu, [4] corresponds to the current location of the Uch-Turfan), that he was in the area of ​​the Karluk, and its ruler was formerly based on tuguzguzov, and "now" This city owned Kyrgyz. The Arabs in general talk about wars between tuguzguzami and Karluqs that before the advantage was on the side tuguzguzov, and then, when tuguzguzy adopted Manicheism (possibly, that this religion was adopted in the eastern part of Chinese Turkestan before the Uighurs in Mongolia), defected to the success of Karluk. However, from a manuscript Tumanskiy can conclude that tuguzguzy robbed of their possessions Karluk; Yagma people, has withdrawn from the environment tuguzguzov belonged to Kashgar and part of the Seven Rivers (Dzhetysuyskoy area) south of the Naryn. About Kashgar said that there was a border area between the people Yagma, Kirghiz, Tibetans and China.

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