Kyrgyzstan hunting

The manuscript Tumanskiy, the country exported a lot of Kyrgyz musk and furs (the Kyrgyz say musk and other sources), and birch tree (probably the crust) and the horn of the Hutu, which was used for making handles of knives, how to argue now that we have in mind are brought from distant North tusks walrus and narwhal. King called the Kirghiz Kirghiz Hakan (Hagan). As described by the same author, Kyrgyzstan's morals are like some wild animals, they have a rough exterior, a little hair, no justice, there is little mercy. They are characterized by militancy, with all their neighbors, war and enmity. They have carts (or boat), sheep, cows and horses, and they wander, looking for water, grass, (favorable) weather and meadows. They worship fire and burn the dead, living in tents and marquees, are engaged in hunting. There are people of fury, and from the Kirghiz, to the east of them and they with other Kyrgyz do not mix, they are cannibals, ruthless, Kyrgyz language they do not understand the other, they are like wild beasts. City, where he lives Kirghiz Khakan called Kemidzhket. There are people kesim of the Kirghiz, in the mountains, they have tents, they get fur, musk, the Hutu and the like. There are other people out of the Kirghiz, whose language is closer to the language of the Karluk and clothing similar to clothing Kimaks. No other branch of the Kyrgyz villages or none at all, nor the cities they live in tents, except the place where he lives hack. - We will show you Kyrgyzstan. - Trekking tours made by local people.  - We have horse riding trips. - Wild gorges for biking. - Main roads for cultural tours. - All trekking destinations.         - main places for travel.          


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