Kyrgyzstan hiking

Day 1: your guide will meet you at the Manas International Airport and accompany you to the city of Bishkek, where you will have breakfast at the hotel and rest. Once the rest to make a trip. You can see the sights of the city of Bishkek. In the evening, dinner will be delivered. This night you spend in the hotel.
Day 2: In the morning you will pass by the Bishkek. The road passes through a mountain ridge mountains of the Kyrgyz, a variety of surprising her. By Asha Tuya pass (3586 m), you might consider Susamyr beautiful. This night you spend in the small hotel.
Day 3: After breakfast you continue, so visit the ancient capital Karakhanids - Uzgen city. Arrival in . Agreement on the board.
Day 4: Today you will transfer Kichi-ALAYA (120 km), that you stop in the small village of Kapali, camp. In the evening, dinner will be delivered.
Day 5: After a morning round trekking through Koch Moinok Pass (3100 m). From the previous range Kichi-ALAYA pass. That you needed for trekking round- valley. And they create the juniper tree camp. This night you spend in tents.
Day 6: In the morning you will have a round Kozhokelen trekking in the valley. In a way that you visit the village of shepherds. Then you continue trekking round in a valley of red rocks and falls. In a picturesque valley up camp. Page is considered "sacred". This night you spend in tents.
Day 7: Morning round a village Kozhokelen trekking. It is great place to get acquainted with local Kyrgyz people. The meaning of a life of local residents. Watermills in the village and keep farming alive, home to red clay. Suddenly in tents.
Day 8: After breakfast we start trekking along the river round of Karakol. A trekking wet (humid) gradually gets valley height. A dinner. A trekking along a good trail to East Lake Irdyk. Lake camp in the Alpine area. In the evening, dinner will be delivered. This night you spend in tents.
Day 9: Essential breakfast at 7:00 and a short round trekking west to Lake Irdyk. A dinner on the shore. A free time to investigate the surrounding area. This night you spend in tents.
Day 10: Morning trekking down the valley Irdyk. A dinner. Meet the car. Caracole Movement is very effective.
Day 11: Essential a morning trekking Dzhaptyk under spends in Ak-Buran 7:00. During a visit you may meet a yak. This is you stop to rest and put the camp at the altitude of 2800 m. you spend the night in tents.
Day 12: Breakfast 7:00 Essential in a trough of a Dzhaptyk trekking pass (4175 m). On this page you will see majestic mountains, valley and Pamir Alain. If it was good weather, you can see Lenin peak, Communism Peak. You go down to the valley and suddenly Alain camp.
Day 13: After breakfast trekking to make a trip to base camp in Achik-Tash, located under Lenin peak height of 3600 m. On the shore of the lake. Agreement in base camp. This night you spend in tents.
 Day 14: Trekking to Puteshestvenniki Essential breakfast (People) is open at 7:00 for you in the sight of her in connection with Lenin glacier. As you wish, you can grow in the camp 1 (4200 m). This night you spend in tents.
Day 15: After breakfast, trekking round Oshen city. In the evening, dinner will be delivered. This night you spend in the small hotel.
Day 16: breakfast at 7 Essential in a morning trekking in the ancient city of Osh. (3000). This city is unique not only for her age, but the result was the earliest time Big Silk Road. You can visit all the sights of this city. This night you spend in the hotel.
Day 17: By the time of your initial Details your guide will meet you at the hotel and will visit you at the airport.


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Padysha-Ata, gorge. The gorge and the river are located on a current from the Squash-suu, nearby on the north from Kerbena, in Aksyjsky area of Dzhalal-Abadsky area, in region Western Tjan-Shanja. The road goes on gorge to village Karabashat and sacred mazaru Padysha-Ata (VI-VII centuries). It is beautiful district with thick birchwoods along the river. The valley is narrowed, and capacity of water increases, with a roar overturning huge stones, in a white fog of water steam. Having passed through gorge in a valley, the river extends, coast are covered thick tjan-shanskimi by fur-trees. White birches and a various bush level river coast. Some inflows run into the main river, flowing the cascade through narrow canyons with walls, height to 400 m. After gorge the river spreads, flooding wide meadows with a beautiful fur-tree grove. In the north the area of snow and a small glacier with three mountain tops, height more than 4 km is visible.