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In any case, published by Ramstedt inscription shows that the Uighur Khan, as expected, above all, felt the Emperor of the Uighur people, if the Arabs first became acquainted with the eastern part of Chinese Turkestan, just at a time when there were already living the Uighurs, the Arabic geographical literature would include the name of the Uighurs, but not the name of tuguzguz. As a consequence, it is sometimes difficult to decide which of the Arab news of tuguzguzah are Uighurs, and what - to their predecessors, as it's difficult to time this or any other information about Central Asia, located in a Muslim geographical literature, to a certain chronological time. The Muslim geographers drew his information from books, mostly without naming its sources, and without warning the reader that he does not say that there is now, and that was at one time, sometimes for several centuries earlier. This applies, of course, to the news by mentioning Kirghiz (Arabic and Persian authors write hirhiz this time, as do the letter x in the time passed on to the guttural Turkish, contacted, for example, harluқ, the Persian authors harluh instead ḳarluḳ). If we know for certain what year it is written this essay, this does not explain the question to what time are reported in its facts.

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