Kyrgyzstan agreement

Proceedings of the manuscript Tumanskiy the borders between the Central Asian nations are not entirely distinct, in the chapter on the Kirghiz said that their neighbors to the south, except tuguzguzov was part of the Karluk, but in the chapter on Karluks (halluh) Kirghiz among the neighbors of these people are not mentioned. But the Kyrgyz named among the neighbors of the other two ethnic groups Semirechensk - Chigils and tuhsiytsev; Chigils lived on the northern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul, tuhsiytsy, who formed part of Turgeshes (another branch Turgeshes were above the basics) - in the Chu River valley;
From all this we can conclude that the Kirghiz in the era of his great-some have expanded their holdings in the south-west side, but of when and how it happened, the sources give no information, the word "now" in the manuscript Tumanskiy in any case, taken from an earlier source and can not be attributed to the time of the author, when the Kyrgyz have lost their short-term power. Nothing is said about the relations between the Kyrgyz and other nations. By the Tang-shu, the Kyrgyz were brought not only the tissue from the Arabs, but also from the heap and Beytina, ie Bishbalyka that belonged to the Uighurs, from this we can conclude that with the Uighurs and the agreement has been reached. At the same points above, with the words Gardizi, the route of the region "tuguzguzov" to bet on the Yenisei Kyrgyz Hagan, 7 days away from the mountains to the north of Ker, and Sayan Mountains. This is - the only way to Kyrgyz, described in the Muslim literature, in general Arabs knew only as the Kirghiz tuguzguzov northern neighbors, and partly the Karluk and the people who lived in the far north-east, on presentation of the Arabs, possession Kirghiz reached in the east to the ocean.

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