Tour Kazakhstan

Trekking Kazakhstan: Tour 013
Destination: Kazakhstan
Activities: Trekking Tour
Duration: 8 days

1. The flight to Astana and accommodation in hotel, then you will have lunch. Astana city tour. Including a visit to the monument of Independence "Bayterek", Museum of first president, "Pyramid" by Norman Foster, Complex Map "Atameken". Lunch on the road. Dinner is at 19:00 and overnight at hotel.
2. We begin our tour with Malinovka village trekking tours, where you will be able to visit the former Soviet camp ALZHIR (Akmola Camp for women traitors Land). Lunch on the road. Back to Astana.
3. Day trekking tour starts with called "City of the different religions", during which you will visit the Islamic Center, the Orthodox Church, Catholic Church and Synagogue. Trekking tour back to hotel. Dinner is at 19:00 and overnight at hotel.
4. Trekking tours to bus Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve. Lunch will be organized on the road. Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve was established in 1926 and is famous for its rock paintings, lakes and caves, flora and fauna.
5. The day begins with trekking tours Kurgaljinski lakes. They are rich in fish, including edible types. They are gold and Argentine crucian, ideas, Pike, tench, perch, and Roach. Lunch on the road. Trekking tour again in Astana. Overnight is at hotel.
6. The day begins with trekking tours to Borovoe. Lunch on the road. "Burabay" is located in northern Akmola region. This tourist pearl of Kazakhstan is located in the fantastic mountain land housing the mysterious wonders. During the trekking tour you will see magnificent pine forests, cliffs, sometimes exotic looks fantastic peaks, pyramids of Egypt separated from quiet lakes. Dinner is at 19:00
7. We end our tour trekking tour to the nature reserve. Nature Reserve "Burabay" was established in August, 2000 and is under the supervision of the Administration of Affairs of the President. Accommodation at the hotel. Borovoe leisure, rest, trekking tours radial. Meals are included in the cost of the room. Dinner is at 19:00 and overnight at hotel.
8. Today you will be flying home. 


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