The sightseeing of great significance Manas complex

Our mountainous country of Kyrgyzstan is very interesting and worth exploring on tours. Customers of the company will be amazed by the luxurious views of the sights and will be able to enjoy the scenery, rent a car and visit the Manas complex. An important historical place is located 22 km from Talas, which is located in Tash-Aryk. You have a great chance to explore many interesting places on tours in Kyrgyzstan and even the most remote places of the country.

Travelers will be able to see in tours of Kyrgyzstan that it is also called "Manas-Ordo", the area of the complex is about 2.25 km2. Our guests of Kyrgyzstan have a chance to explore the territory of the comlpex, enjoy the history and culture, immerse themselves in the world of legends and rent a car to learn more about the hero of Manas. To make a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be able to find out what Gumbez was raised in honor of the other characters.

As is known from history, the complex was built back in 1334, and there is a legend in this place that says that the daughter of the Emir Abuki was buried here. In our tours in Kyrgyzstan, customers will be able to see that stone balbals are installed around the complex, which protect the complex.