The amazing Dungan mosque of Kyrgyzstan

During the tours in Kyrgyzstan, our company's clients will be able to see the landscapes, enjoy the beautiful views of the country and also see outstanding creations. Our specialists will be able to organize tours of Kyrgyzstan with interesting views and also with attractions such as the Dungan mosque, which is an important object of religious significance. And in the tours you can see that the history of the mosque is very worthy of research.

You can find out in 1877, people were on the run and left their lands in China and headed towards Kyrgyzstan. So they were eventually able to create their own community. And in 1907, the architect Zhou Xia was invited, who was very talented and was able to design a unique mosque. He and a group of 20 people were able to build and prepare materials for the mosque. And as a result, the mosque was built without the use of nails and metal.

Guests on tours in Kyrgyzstan have a unique opportunity to visit the mosque grounds in a rented car and enjoy the scenery. You can not only rent a car but also enjoy the meaning of the colors. In our tours in Kyrgyzstan, you can find out how, for example, that red is a protection against evil spirits, yellow is a rich color, but green attracts happiness.

And by exploring Kyrgyzstan on tours, you can learn that in the Soviet era, people could not believe in God and visit religious places. It was banned in the 20th century. And later, during the Second World War, there were great losses in the country and the Muslims helped the state with a large sum. After that, they were allowed to visit such places. You need to take into account the rental of cars and you can also enjoy a fascinating trip to the Issyk Kul region, to the city of Karakol and see the Dungan mosque there.