Seasons and weather

Kyrgyzstan is a sunny country. A tour with renting cars service in such a country will take place on a land where the weather is warm, sunny and even hot. The air temperature in Kyrgyzstan, as expected, depends on the altitude. Our country is located among mountains and therefore has no direct access to the seas or oceans. Our travel company provides the tours with rent cars Kyrgyzstan service and wishes that guests can familiarize themselves with the weather and seasons of Kyrgyzstan in advance, so that they can choose the right time for travel.

And so the spring season, as it is customary to call the pleasantly warm time among all seasons, begins in March. However, in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, this pleasant season comes a little later, that is, in April. Spring in Kyrgyzstan has such a character as unstable weather. In other words, the weather changes, it is often possible rain, even snow and the next day can be sunny and sometimes even hot. Kyrgyzstan is sheltered from stormy winds by its hills so there is no reason to worry about them on the tour with rent a car Kyrgyzstan service. The air temperature during the whole season ranges from +9 ° C (50 ° F) to +23 ° C (74 ° F).

Summer is the hottest of all seasons in Kyrgyzstan. The time when summer comes is mid-May, that is, the summer season begins to manifest itself in the lowlands of the country. Traveling in summer is perhaps the best time, so guests take the tour with renting cars service and go to the mountainous areas where the weather is cool and pleasant. At the beginning of summer in Kyrgyzstan, temperatures can reach +28 ° C (83 ° F), and by the end, it begins to rise above +30 ° C (86 ° F).

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The golden season, or the autumn season, begins in Kyrgyzstan at the end of September until November. The weather in autumn is not very suitable for the tour with rent cars Kyrgyzstan service because the atmosphere is unpleasant and cold. In other words, in autumn in Kyrgyzstan, the weather begins to deteriorate. Consequently, it gets colder in the mountains than in the lowlands. Temperatures start at +25 ° C (77 ° F) and end at +9 ° C (78 ° F), -2 ° C (28 ° F).

Now the coldest weather in Kyrgyzstan among all seasons is usually winter. In winter in the country, when you climb higher on the hills, it gets colder, stormy. At this time, there are heavy snowfalls in Kyrgyzstan, which means that a large amount of precipitation falls throughout the country. Nevertheless, travel around Kyrgyzstan in winter is lovely, because the winter atmosphere immerses you in a winter fairy tale. The tour with rent a car Kyrgyzstan service is also available in winter as in all seasons. Temperatures during the winter period are about +4 ° C (39 ° F), from -7 ° C (20 ° F) to those that can be below -15 ° C .