We are happy to open to your hearts such a magnificent country named Kyrgyzstan. This country are well-known by its great fresh nature and territory around. Tours are organized by various travel agencies and each of them makes tours regards to principles of their work. It is really important.

They are knowledgeable of all necessary information and can easily inform you about entering and leaving processes while there will be tours.

Rest is one of the most important moments of a person's life. During the vacation, a person recovers strength, is charged with positive and positive energy. On vacation, a person receives a charge of favorable emotions and returns to normal life with a new mood. Our company will help you to plunge into the sea of pleasure. It will be more convenient by car rent service during your tours.

Your rental car is closer than you think. We are happy to assist you with superior customer service and one of the best car rental fleets in Central Asia. As in Kyrgyzstan is bad situation with roads, it is good to use car rent like jeeps.

You can diversify your tours with hiking, trekking and horse riding. It is important to note that you will have a good chance to communicate with the local people and learn about culture and traditions of Kyrgyzstan. They are polite and hospitable. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Usually our guests spend nights in hotels, guest houses and yurts. We should admit that yurts do not include shower and toilet. You can find it outside.