The relief of Kyrgyzstan is a great place to explore on tours. Kyrgyzstan is a country that is full of beautiful mountains and borders with other countries. Interestingly, Kyrgyzstan has a total length of the country equal to the size of Nebraska or England and Scotland combined.

You can explore the relief of the country if you rent a car from our fleet, such as the Lexus LX470. Kyrgyzstan has a strategic location and is adjacent to countries such as China, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. The country is full of powerful mountains and has high-altitude gorges, beautiful rivers and incredible lakes.

During the tours, you will find that the main attractions will be located at an altitude of 1000 meters. The glaciers are high in the mountains and are not easily accessible, and they never melt. The country also has deserts and steppes. About 6.3 % in Kyrgyzstan is considered suitable for agriculture, about 4.4% cover lakes, forests cover about 4.25%, and glaciers cover 4 %.

In tours, tourists can enjoy a trip to the most attractive and green places in the country. You can also rent a car and go on an adventure. The most interesting thing is that the mountains protect the city from the winds.