Peak Lenin

It is always time to inspire the splendor of Lenin Peak on the tour in Kyrgyzstan, situated in Osh city of Kyrgyzstan. Explorers can have an assembly and drive by the border of Tajikistan. The height of the mountain is 7134 m. On the tour in Kyrgyzstan, you can take the car rent to visit the main targets of the mountain.

The climate in Kyrgyzstan mostly changes because of the height. This mountain was discovered when the researcher A.P. Fedchanko came here in 1871. The mountain was chosen Peak Kaufman thrilled to the lead and Soviet leader. The present name of the head leader of that period turned into the name of the peak.

In 1929, when hikers on the tours couldn't scope the point, the first visit was completed. This event was done by the Soviet Red Army, and its people needed to climb and place Lenin's peak. In 1967, the meeting of 301 people made a remembering climb. There were 16 new routes exposed.

It is possible to travel to Kyrgyzstan for tours alone or in the group with the help of car rent in Kyrgyzstan, but the mountains can be deceitful. The climate changes, so it is better to know the benign routes. There was a disaster in 1974, when women caught by a storm, and afterward in 1991, a meeting of around 44 people got by an earthquake. If you rent a car in Kyrgyzstan on tours you will get inoffensive trips.

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