Rich and interesting fauna of Kyrgyzstan attracts travelers from all over the world. The animals of this area are one of the most important point of investigations for local citizens and tourists. In order to be able to visit distant and hard-to-reach sites of the country, the guests can use our Lexus LX470 car rent service. The programs of the tours includes the research of the animal world in Kyrgyzstan.

Mountain voles, marmots and field voles live at altitudes of 3400 – 3800 meters above sea level. During the tours, you will have a chance to see animals such as hares, mountain goats, wild rams, bears. Changes in altitude also affect the temperature and the wildlife of the area. In Kyrgyzstan there are also many species of birds: alpine choughs, hawks, red-bellied redstarts, , golden eagles, rock pigeons, falcons, partridges, buzzards and bullfinches.

Our car rent service will help you to make the tours more interesting. Also you will have a chance to see rare animals such as snow leopards, red deer, Marco Polo sheep and lynx. They play an important role in the animal world of Kyrgyzstan. To emphasize, these animals are on the verge of extinction.

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Dungan dome
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