Dungan mosque as a house of worship

During excursions in Kyrgyzstan, our guests will be able to get acquainted with the country's landscapes and enjoy the beauty of cultural and religious attractions. During the tours, you will be invited to explore the famous Dungan mosque and explore the territory of the religious site. You will be able to explore during the tours and the significance, history of the mosque that is worth exploring.

As history shows, in 1877, people escaped from the territory of China, and now lives in the territory of your trip. In Kyrgyzstan, they decide to create a single community. A well-known and talented architect was invited in 1907, who was able to build a mosque. The construction was started by about 20 people, who also began to create materials. Thus, a famous mosque was erected, without metal and nails, using an interesting construction technology.

In turn, we are talking about red, which means protection from evil spirits, yellow-originally meaning wealth, and green-happiness. Our tourists on tours in Kyrgyzstan have a chance to rent a car, enjoy exploring the mosque. Our company has an excellent fleet of vehicles and you can choose any car for rent according to your wishes and preferences. In the tours you will see that the mosque is colored and each color has its own meaning.

On our trip, the company's customers will be able to enjoy the scenery and also explore what in Soviet times was impossible for people to believe in God and have a religion, and also visit religious sites. All this happened around the 20th century. And when in the Second World War the country suffered great losses and there were great sacrifices, so the Muslims gave a sum of money for country. And the government has allowed people to visit such places. And in tours, you have the chance to visit such places in rented cars, enjoy the scenery and go to the city of Karakol, where the Dungan mosque is located.