About us

"Dream Adventures"

"Dream Adventures" is for everyone!

To those people who wish to get a bite of spicy adrenalin, adventure's and nature's lovers! "Dream Adventures" offers everyone the possibility of doing these fantastic experiences as long as his travellers will be fit to the specific features of the tours.

The "Dream Adventures" offers tours and treks around the whole Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan!

But it doesn't mean the usual standard trip for ordinary tourist; instead, it's a full immersion within the environment we visit contacting the local people and getting to know their culture with full respect of their traditions.
Our kind of "conscious tourism" will allow us to be really in touch and live together with different ethnic group of people around our country who do not have often contact with westerns.

It will be a unique experience for people of any age (at least for most itineraries). Anyway our tours and trekking are safe and quite comfortable but they are made for people who love country-side life. As a result, this experience will be impressed in your mind for the rest of your life!